Skyline Photo


Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in
Project dimensions: 4×4 in
Time: 45 min


Image1500 mm/m25%254

First good result. Very satisfied with it.

Lessons Learned

Airbrush Painting. This wood tile was the first one using an airbrush. While using paint brush, it was always resulting in under-burned areas while other areas were over-burned. With an airbrush, I was able to create a thin layer which was even throughout, and didn’t see any brush strokes. Recommend always using an airbrush for the top layer, and still use brush for base layer.

Update 25 Nov 2019

The same image was burned again, but on Acrylic paint thinned with the DIY Formula. The difference was to darken the image until the darkest spots are completed black (i.e. not burned). This can be seen underneath the cap. The first image still had white dot being burned, while the second one did not have any. The only way to see this is via the preview page, and ensuring no burning will be done in the darkest spot.

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