Skyline on Wood


Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in, conditioned with Baking Soda and white washed
Project dimensions: 4×4 in (engraved 85mm x 85mm)
Time: 15 min

Image1900 mm/m70%102


Very satisfied with the results.

Lessons Learned

White Wash. This tile was first conditioned with baking soda (see method), followed by a white wash consisting of 1 part paint to 2 parts water. It was painted with a brush and wiped with a cloth after one minute. The white wash did not deteriorate the effect of the baking soda, and burnt as clean as usual. The advantage of the white wash was to counter the yellow tint resulting from conditioning with baking soda. The method was very simple and created a more natural outcome. Recommend always treating the wood with both baking soda and white wash.

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