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Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in
Project dimensions: 600 x 200mm
Time: 3 hrs (divided in three parts, ~1hr each)

Image1500 mm/m70%127
Contour1500 mm/m70%127


Overall, satisfied with the results. Veines in the wood did not burn well, so a higher power / slower engraving could have given better results. A little crooked on the last third.

Lessons Learned

Guide. This project was done in three parts, so it was crucial to have it aligned properly to minimize inconsistency. A guide was used (straight piece of wood attached to the engraving table), such that the plywood rested on it, and left edge corresponded to 0 on the X axis. This makes it easy to slide the piece and continue engraving for the other parts.

Adjusting guide. Between section one and two of the engraving, there was an inconsistency in the lines. This was due to the guide not being exactly parallel with the laser movement. So although the top left corner of the piece was exactly at 0 on the X axis, the bottom left corner was approx 5mm on the X axis. This created an inconsistency when doing section two (bottom left corner of section one becomes top left corner of section two). The guide was then readjusted between section two and three, which fixed the issue, but created a crooked look on the finished piece. Although no inconsistency in the line between section two and three, the engraving is slightly tilted upward on the last section. Adjustment of the guide should be made before engraving, by using the frame function in lightburn. No adjustment should be made in between sections of a bigger piece.

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