Ninja Rabbit


Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in, conditioned with Baking Soda
Project dimensions: 12 x 18 in (engraved 303mm x 225mm)
Time: 1h50

Image1900 mm/m70%102


Very satisfied with the results. This power setting seems to give consistant results, with good contrast and minimal carbon residue.

Note: The image was from a google search for personal use only.

Lessons Learned

Lower DPI. This image was done at 102 dpi (0.25 mm interval) instead of the previously tested 127 dpi (0.2 mm interval). Although lower resolution, the outcome was slightly better. Every dot that is burnt is relatively large on this wood type (and beam focus), which cause the adjacent dot to burn as well. With high dpi, this means an overlap between dots, and thus degrades the outcome of the picture. 127 dpi was still giving a slight overlap, and thus 102 seemed the sweet spot. Lower dpi also means faster engraving, and at a distance results in no degradation of the image. Although counter intuitive, when not able to have clean images, lower resolution might be the solution.

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