Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in
Project dimensions: 9×14 inch (on 12×18 board)
Time: 4h10

Fill600 mm/m75%63.5 (0.4 interval)
Contour800 mm/m70%N/A


Overall good result.

Lessons Learned

Background. The background was removed due to the poor BW outcome. The cats were left “floating” on the canvas, and the result was not ideal. I decided to add a new background from a different source, and to add shadow to the cats. The result was significantly better.

Grouping vectors. The image was initially estimated at 5h30 to engrave. There was a significant amount of time spent travelling in open space. Although the image was set to engrave each group individually, there was almost just a single group, since everything was connected. The workaround was to trace very fine line to cut the vector graphic into different groups, not interconnected. This significantly reduced the travel time of the laser and reduce the engraving to 4h10 instead. To optimize where it should be cut, the preview can be used, with the “show traversal moves” enabled. Recommend doing this technique for large engraving.

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