Borax – Steampunk Girl


Laser: Eleksmaker 2.5w
Software: LightBurn
Wood: Plywood 1/2 in treated with Borax
Project dimensions: 4×4 inch
Time: 18 minutes

Image2500 mm/m50%169Laser focused at 50mm


Overly impressed by the clean and dark burn. Good result, good detail. From close up, it is pixelated, but from a normal viewing distance, it is clean. I find the pixel to actually give it a bit of character.

This picture was not clear coated, so very fragile to smudging. The black is superficial and needs to be protected.

*Image taken from pinterest for personal use only*

Lessons Learned

Borax use. This was the first image printed on Borax treated wood. The result is amazing, the wood does not discolour as with baking soda. Recommend using Borax from now on, and settings of 2500 mm/m, 50% power, 169 DPI.

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