Who am I.

Burnt Vision

Established January 2018

Burnt Vision is highly experimental by nature. It started with a simple project to build a laser etching machine from a kit, but quickly grew left and right with experimentation in diverse domains. I even learned to cut my own trees and mil them into slabs to create very original and high quality products. Everything is done by hand, with lots of passion and dedication.

Each project brings new knowledge, techniques and creativity. Burnt Vision exists to fulfill the need for self expression and personal growth. I am proud to offer my products to customers, and take part in the decor of many household. It is a lot of work, from cutting the tree, preparing the wood, engraving and finishing the piece, but in the end, I am proud to bring to you what I call a masterpiece.


I am

Nicolas Poirier

Adventures and challenges are what define me. There is always something that awaits me after each corners, when it is not a new hike, it's a new home project, or just learning a new skill. Why? Because I can. I live with my amazing wife, in beautiful Cold Lake, Alberta. The Canadian Rockies are a great inspiration, with its wildlife, breathtaking landscape and its backcountry hiking trails and camping opportunity. To balance out my need for the outdoor, I also enjoy thinkering with new technology, and enjoy some time to "geek out". Burnt Vision was the perfect solution to fulfill my wide array of interest, and put it down toward one goal.

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