Creating unique wood art

Artworks, coasters, signs, gifts, ... you name it.

Burnt Vision

What it is.


Wood working

The products are created on wood, from store bought plywood to hand cut birch slabs. A lot of work goes into preparing the wood, joining pieces, sanding and varnishing.


Laser Engraving

The designs are laser engraved on the chosen piece of wood. It is made using a low wattage engraver mounted on a custom built rack. This allows me to create larger designs and burning each section at a time.



Unique designs and creations are what makes Burnt Vision exceptional. Before engraving, I spend hours sketching and designing unique piece of arts. I have a large collection of digital artworks, and I also do custom creations.



Located in Cold Lake, Alberta, I am proud to be one of its local artist. You can find me at tradeshows, or hit me online. For the curious ones, please drop by my shop, and see how I work!


WOW Coasters

A set of coasters for the Wisdom and Opportunity for Women (WOW) event in Cold Lake. This set was given as a door price.

Some of my Creations

It is always a pleasure to see the smile on the face of my clients, and to know I will take part in their home. Here are some of my latest creations.


CSP Painting

This piece was made from a photograph of one of our Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) in full action. This piece was made as a "paint your own" design.



Photo Coasters

Ideal for the kitchen or living room, protecting your tables in an artistic way.


B/W Photo Print

Give an attractive and unique look to your home. Converting your photo in pure black and white gives it an artistic feel while keeping the warmth of the wood.



Add a touch of humor, a welcoming message or a motivational quote to your decor. It gives your home a personal touch.


Paint Your Own

Take any picture and create an outline of each section to guide the painting. An easy and fun activity to do with little ones, yet creating an amazing product.

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Live Edge

Give a touch of nature in your home with these live edge artwork.

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